Fundraising Meeting: September 18th 2016


Members present:  Katherine Sorrell (Florida), Sam Gorman (California) , Joseph Hernandez (California), Alvin Kim (California)

General-Purpose of this meeting was to discuss funding of the “Bright Tomorrow Initiative ” electrifying a small village in India.  

Sam: Began the meeting with an objective for the “Brighter Tomorrow Initiative Project.”

Alvin: Presented his input for funding with Kiwanis’s club and the formal steps of the transactions of donations.

Joseph: Suggested his school’s club “Habitat for Humanity” and “Key Club” will be critical partners in fundraising this project.

Note: Make YCBC an official nonprofit organization.


Katie will need two weeks of planning as of this Saturday to input her plan for James S Rickards High School. She will be working with her local Key Club to spread the word and raise awareness. She will also be incorporating her own YLSC onto YCBC’s page.  Katie’s minimum goal of fundraising will be $350.

Joseph will be working with his local Key Club along with Alvin and Sam to create a presentation to get the word out. In two weeks Sam, Alvin, and Joseph will be at a Key Club meeting to inform members of this project.  Joseph will also be working with “Habitat for Humanity” which will assist in fundraising cash donations. Joseph’s minimum donation will be $350

Sam will be continuing managing the process with Katie and Joseph to see all will flow well. Sam’s Social justice Club at his own school will be the main bank account used to send the total sum to the rotary club .

Alvin expressed his practical views working with Key Club. He will be working with Katie to insure a formal letter will be written for the President and LTG of Key Club to insure YCBC will run point on this project. Alvin will also be collaborating with Sam in Social Justice Club specifically for members to spread the word and bring in small donations. Our goal will be $300.

We will soon have propaganda from Yash (India) to use for collecting donations and get pamphlets together to raise awareness!

We plan to work with a minimum of three schools to fundraise for this project, and will use a combination of multimedia to help benefactors better relate to the individuals they are assisting.  We plan to do this through images, interviews, and potentially video.