Meeting Update: September 18th 2016

We're excited to provide a close look into how Youngchange-Bestchange operates through the new progress section of the site.  We hope to increase transparency by providing youth activists with a summary of what we've been working on, how we've been doing it, and what we're planning for the future.  Any questions remaining?  Just reach out to and we'll be in touch soon.

Youngchange-Bestchange Global Action Team Meeting: September 18th 2016

Members present:  Katherine Sorrell (Florida), Sam Gorman (California) , Gustavo Adolfo (Columbia) , Tosin Agunloye (Nigeria)

General-  Meetings commence with members giving general updates on their respective projects, followed by a transition to more specific topics applicable to the entire group.

Katie:  Her club became a nonprofit, incorporated through   YCBC will be looking to pursue a similar avenue, but as we are centered in California, different laws may apply.

Gus: Starting a project based in Cali, Columbia promoting a civil discourse on current events to fight political apathy.  Mayor has done so in the past, but he's looking into implementing on a local/ schoolwide level.  

Sam:  Worked on an anti-human trafficking project, collecting over 100 cards for recently freed victims of human trafficking in India, Phillipines and the Dominican Republic.  These cards will be sent by this Tuesday, with attention paid to who receives them and the impact it makes for future reference.

Tosin:  In early stages of a mentoring project at local school, and working on campaign to run as vice president of her school to institute social change.

Note:  Katie referenced “Village Square” in Tallahassee, going to a reception and can ask questions for Gus if possible

Discuss fundraising for India Project:

Katie confirmed her interest in fundraising at her school to benefit our upcoming project in India, in which we will provide solar panels to a rural Indian village outside of New Delhi through solar panel.  She mentioned how Key Club could assist in the fundraiser, and would need at minimum two weeks of planning.  

We plan to work with a minimum of three schools to fundraise for this project, and will use a combination of multimedia to help benefactors better relate to the individuals they are assisting.  We plan to do this through images, interviews, and potentially video.

Additionally, Gus expressed an interest in hosting a fundraising in the Cali area, but also conveyed reservations about the monetary exchange rate between Columbian pesos and US dollars.  We will further research this.

Finally, Sam will meet with Katie again this week to further discuss fundraising details, as they will both be coordinating school wide donation drives in their respective areas.


The logo and title of our project was approved by the team present at the meeting in a unanimous decision.  We'll be titling our project in India, " The Brighter Tomorrow Initiative" and will soon be promoting and setting up pages on social media.

Interested in making a difference with us yourself?  Again, just reach out to or browse our descriptions about how you can get involved here