What We Stand For

OUR purpose is to bring together young like-minded individuals through insightful commentary on crucial current events and by promoting activism at a grassroots level.  

Together, we will explore hot political topics and social injustices across the world, all with an emphasis on how youth can make an impact.   By educating and inspiring future game-changers, we can collectively shape the world of tomorrow into a better place.

2016 Goals

  • Collaborate with local organizations and clubs to identify key areas of focus and then work together to properly address them.
  • Create a YCBC action team. We're looking to build a team of talented individuals from an array of backgrounds to help us amplify our message even more, both in the US and abroad. 


  •  Take on a new specific issue, and devote all of YCBC's resources to improving it.  We'll be talking with supporters and announcing it very soon.
  • Involve our supporters even more in the process. We'll be hosting Twitter chats, expanding our Youtube presence, and even start live streams on Periscope.